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5 Ways to Cut Stress and Increase Calm

5 Ways to Cut Stress and Increase Calm


These days, it’s hard to get away from all the stress that comes along with modern living. Here are a few tips to help you fend off stress and its negative effects.

1. Don’t forget to breathe. It seems so simple, but this is one of the most important first steps to slowing down and regaining a sense of balance. Try sitting up straight with your feet level on the floor and your hands resting gently in your lap. Breathe in deeply through your nose and feel your abdomen expand slowly. Sit with this practice for a few minutes at a time and see if you can maintain more relaxed breathing throughout the day.

2. Do some gentle stretches. Movement can help to stimulate blood flow throughout the body and ease tension that exacerbates stress. Simple yoga poses or even touching your toes can go a long way towards keeping stress at bay!

3. Laugh a little! Laughter not only releases endorphins, but taking a few moments out of your day to enjoy something funny can also help you to refocus on the task at hand with a fresh perspective. It even soothes muscle tension and boosts oxygen levels, giving you both a little more pep as well as a greater feeling of relaxation.

4. Talk to a friend or loved one. Humans are social creatures and thrive off of connection and companionship. You might be amazed at what a coffee break or night in with your spouse can accomplish. Plus, talking out the things that are stressing you can help

5. Try neurofeedback. This cutting-edge therapy has been used to help people cope with myriad conditions like PTSD, ADHD, depression, anxiety and more. Even individuals who don’t have a specific mental health concern they want to address have found neurofeedback to be beneficial for peak performance training, boosting focus and creating a sense of calm yet alert energy in their everyday lives.

Stress happens to everyone, but with some simple techniques you can find ways to minimize its effect on your everyday life and improve your overall wellbeing.