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EEG Biofeedback vs. Stimulants as Treatment for ADHD

EEG Biofeedback vs. Stimulants as Treatment for ADHD


This study by the researchers at Green Bay, WI-based LaVaque-Rossiter Consultants compared neurofeedback with the stimulants normally used to treat ADHD. While pharmaceutical methods are most widely used in this capacity, they have several drawbacks, including only temporary reduction of symptoms, the possibility of side effects and difficulty for many patients suffering from this disorder in taking their medication regularly. Neurofeedback has been reported to help achieve ADHD symptom reduction without side effects, and other studies suggest it offers lasting rather than temporary symptom reduction; however, this needs to be further evaluated.

By comparing treatment programs of 20 neurofeedback sessions versus a standard psychostimulant approach, the researchers found that both treatment methods improved symptoms, indicating that neurofeedback may be a useful alternative to stimulants for patients who do not respond to medication, experience side effects, or have trouble complying with a pharmaceutical regimen.

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