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Enhancing Golf Performance Using Neurofeedback

Enhancing Golf Performance Using Neurofeedback


This study by Dutch researchers examines a new method of using neurofeedback to improve golf performance at and individual level. In the study, participants underwent four separate sessions of neurofeedback to identify an EEG profile for successful putts compared to unsuccessful ones. These sessions were made up of 80 putts total in an ABAB pattern, with participants receiving feedback for the A putts and no feedback for the B putts.

Participants in the study performed an average of 25% better on putting in response to neurofeedback, demonstrating that being “in the zone” as a golfer has clear and identifiable brain patterns that are unique to each athlete. Using neurofeedback to identify this “sweet spot” and train individuals to intentionally replicate it can thus be an effective method for improving golf performance.

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