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New Brain-Based Therapies for Children and Teens

New Brain-Based Therapies for Children and Teens


This paper by researchers from Brown, University of California-Davis and Harvard Medical School explores numerous ways in which emerging neuroimaging technologies can be used to improve brain function for children and adolescents. Neurofeedback research provides substantial evidence of the correlation between brain abnormalities observed in EEG readings and disordered behavior, learning, thought, emotion and development. Because these disorders result from patterns of functional disturbance in the brain that can be identified using EEG technology, neurofeedback specialists can use their findings to train patients to self-correct dysfunctional patterns, helping to improve function and diminish or even eliminate the need for pharmaceutical approaches.

The researchers note that while these newer neuroimaging technologies have until recently been used mostly for research rather than practice, they provide an exciting foundation to developing new ways of treating disorders such as ADHD and depression.

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