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Using Neurofeedback to Treat Fibromyalgia

Using Neurofeedback to Treat Fibromyalgia


This study by researchers from Myosymmetries International, Inc. in Alberta, Canada, along with David Nelson from Oregon Health Sciences University, examined patients with fibromyalgia. Researchers focused on thirty patients who met the criteria for the disease, which causes pain and tenderness throughout the body’s muscles, joints, tendons, and other tissues, as well as fatigue, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and depression. Participants in the study underwent neurofeedback until they noticed improvement in their moods, mental clarity, and ease of sleep. They also found that the treatments appeared to help pain go from vague all-over body aches to more localized aches that could then be treated with physical therapy. While further research is needed, the results are very promising for those suffering from fibromyalgia.

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