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Digital Addiction: Increased Loneliness, Anxiety, and Depression

The use of smartphones in our daily lives has increased to the point of widespread digital addiction. The American Society for Addiction and Medicine and the American Psychological Society both recognize behavioral dependency, in addition to dependence on a substance, as indicative of addiction. Similar to substance addiction, digital addiction appears to have some neurological basis of support. Humans have developed automatic reactions to surprising stimuli, and from an evolutionary perspective, this has been beneficial to our survival. However, in the modern world, we are often triggered for this response by digital notifications, creating inherent distractions. When individuals choose to …

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Biofeedback and Anger Management

Anger is an emotion that most people are familiar with. This emotion occurs on a continuum, meaning that the level of anger felt by an individual can vary greatly. Anger can be expressed appropriately, but when anger is suppressed, individuals may express their anger in problematic ways. Biofeedback in a noninvasive mind-body intervention that teaches individuals how to better control their physiological experiences, such as muscle tension, heart rate, and breathing. Biofeedback has been demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of anxiety, ADHD, headaches, insomnia, and chronic pain. In the treatment of anger, however, there is little research investigating …

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