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Biofeedback and Anger Management

Biofeedback and Anger Management

Anger is an emotion that most people are familiar with. This emotion occurs on a continuum, meaning that the level of anger felt by an individual can vary greatly. Anger can be expressed appropriately, but when anger is suppressed, individuals may express their anger in problematic ways. Biofeedback in a noninvasive mind-body intervention that teaches individuals how to better control their physiological experiences, such as muscle tension, heart rate, and breathing. Biofeedback has been demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of anxiety, ADHD, headaches, insomnia, and chronic pain. In the treatment of anger, however, there is little research investigating the efficacy of a biofeedback intervention. Hillman and Chapman’s (2018) current study reviewed the existing literature detailing biofeedback as an intervention for anger.

The articles included in Hillman and Chapman’s (2018) review suggest that biofeedback is a promising intervention for the treatment of anger in a variety of populations and settings. However, it is clear that more research is needed to support the efficacy of biofeedback alone in the treatment of anger. Most studies investigating biofeedback in the treatment of anger are either case studies or uncontrolled studies. Both designs lack the necessary strength to support the efficacy of biofeedback in anger management. Furthermore, many studies have utilized a biofeedback intervention simultaneously with other interventions, making it unclear whether biofeedback played a causal role in the outcomes. The authors state that additional biofeedback research with anger is necessary to support this intervention for this purpose.

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