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Can Neurofeedback Help Addicts Too?

Can Neurofeedback Help Addicts Too?

Drawing from the increasing research pointing to neurofeedback as an effective treatment for PTSD, therapists and researchers are now looking to the therapy as a potential treatment for alcohol dependency and drug addiction. Both PTSD and substance abuse share symptoms — including trouble sleeping, irritability, uncontrollable aggression and rage, pain, ringing in the ears, jumpiness, hyperarousal (sensing danger even when none is present), loss of interest, or feelings of isolation. Many PTSD sufferers likewise also suffer from alcohol dependency (52% of men and 28% of women with PTSD) and drug addiction (34% of men and 27% of women with the condition). The remarkable overlap between the two conditions has led researchers to look at neurofeedback as a treatment for substance abuse, and while more research is needed, the results so far are promising.

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