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A Case for Group Therapy?

Although many clients feel as though their compromised emotional states are completely unique, similarities do exist. Often, clients feel ashamed of their inner turmoil and seek out individual therapy to work on a one-on-one basis and minimize the likelihood other swill know how much they genuinely struggle. Individual therapy has significant benefits and is appropriate for almost all forms of mental health treatment, however, group therapy can offer an unmatched and unique form of healing, as individuals can understand they are truly not alone in their suffering. Group therapy utilizes the power of healing through relationships in the present moment. …

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What is Neuroplasticity?

Simply put, neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to learn and adjust its functioning accordingly. Neuroplasticity is the ability for neurons and neural networks to change their connections and functions to adapt to any type of change, such as new information, development, stimulation, or damage. When one’s environment changes, or certain events are experienced repeatedly, neuroplasticity allows your brain to adjust to these changes or repeated experiences. In repeated experiences, your brain is repeatedly activating the same brain areas and neuronal connections in response to this experience. As a result, the neurons that are communicating strengthen their relationship over time to …

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