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Neurofeedback and Post-Partum Depression

Neurofeedback and Post-Partum Depression

A new study suggests that neurofeedback may help to increase empathy in humans, including mothers suffering from post-partum depression. Marked by symptoms such as mood swings, anxiety, sadness, difficulty sleeping or concentrating, and irritability, the condition typically affects women within the first 3 months after giving birth, but can sometimes last longer. In this study, researchers believed they could use EEG biofeedback to locate neurological patterns associated with tenderness and affection for loved ones. They then tested whether or not participants could strengthen these patterns — and thereby increase the feelings associated with them — by using neurofeedback.

According to researcher Jorge Moll of the Rio de Janeiro-based D’Or Institute for Research and Education, “We found that participants were able to use visual feedback based on decoded fMRI patterns as a neurofeedback signal to increase brain activation characteristic of tenderness/affection relative to pride, an equally complex control emotion.”

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