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Neurofeedback Gains Traction As Popular Treatment

Neurofeedback Gains Traction As Popular Treatment

Neurofeedback is quickly emerging as a popular way to address common mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety, and more. The treatment involves using an EEG machine to create a “map” of a patient’s brain during a particular activity. The clinician can then help the patient devise strategies of practice and repetition to manage these tendencies so that their brain will begin to naturally respond in different and more positive ways, much like exercising a muscle.

Proponents of the treatment assert that neurofeedback is an effective way to manage many common mental issues without using pharmaceutical drugs, which may have side effects. While not everyone in the mental health community is on board, an estimated 7,500 mental health professionals currently practice neurofeedback and the practice is gaining much traction in research circles.

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