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Neurofeedback Helps Italian Soccer Players Stay on Top

Neurofeedback Helps Italian Soccer Players Stay on Top

Italy is a nation of soccer lovers — even its politicians have referred to it as “the soccer country in the world” — and members of Italy’s World Cup-winning team have used neurofeedback as a critical component of their training. Trainers from Melbourne-based practice The Mind Room used a multi-modal biofeedback system to monitor and assess the athletes’ physiological state, while guiding them through relaxation, meditation and visualization techniques to help them to achieve a state of quiet readiness. Using these techniques, athletes were better able to train themselves to get “in the zone” and stay performing at an optimal level, even under extreme pressure and amid numerous distractions.

The Mind Room’s approach demonstrates the growing popularity and wider application of neurofeedback and biofeedback as tools to optimize performance, not just for athletes, but for individuals from every discipline.

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