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What Does Suffering From Social Anxiety Really Mean?

Approximately 15 million American adults struggle with a debilitating social anxiety disorder, yet fewer than five percent of these individuals seek treatment. Often thought of as “social phobia,” many chalk the symptoms up to being shy, introverted or socially inept, however, the intense fear and discomfort felt in a group setting goes far beyond any personality trait. The disorder can interfere with work, school, interpersonal relationships and overall well-being. Social anxiety disorder is a clinical diagnosis distinguished by crushing anxiety and extreme self-awareness of one’s own actions, demeanor or behavior in ordinary social situations. The chronic fear of being watched …

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Brain Waves and Heart Rates: How Neuro and Biofeedback Can Help Children With Autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can manifest in a number of behaviors, including social impairments, difficulty regulating emotion, and behavior repetition. While the underlying cause of these behavior patterns is still up for debate, some research has indicated a particular brain wave, known as mu rhythms, may be involved. Mu rhythms get suppressed, or turned off, when we copy someone else’s behaviors. In children with Autism, however, this wave does not turn off, with one exception: watching and copying familiar people. These findings indicate that children with Autism are capable of suppressing the mu rhythm, the brain just doesn’t do it …

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