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A Case for Group Therapy?

Although many clients feel as though their compromised emotional states are completely unique, similarities do exist. Often, clients feel ashamed of their inner turmoil and seek out individual therapy to work on a one-on-one basis and minimize the likelihood other swill know how much they genuinely struggle. Individual therapy has significant benefits and is appropriate for almost all forms of mental health treatment, however, group therapy can offer an unmatched and unique form of healing, as individuals can understand they are truly not alone in their suffering. Group therapy utilizes the power of healing through relationships in the present moment. …

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The Key to Happiness in the New Year

Although many of you will be making New Year’s resolutions, there really is only one thing that can truly provide happiness and well-being in the coming year. This thing can be allusive, difficult to maintain at times, stress-inducing, and require hard work, however, the more time and effort dedicated towards it, the closer you get to overall happiness and even joy. You guessed it; the key to your consistent well-being begins with relationships. The topic of adult satisfaction and development was first studied at Harvard in 1938. The longitudinal study has continued on the 19 living participants (now well into …

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Can Science Explain Love?

While navigating through the complex world of relationships in my early 20s, my grandfather used to reassure me by saying, “there is at least one person you could happily marry within a 10-mile radius.” Meaning, he believed there are several “true loves” for each of us. As it turns out, science says that Gramps was probably right. Have you ever wondered what causes us to fall and stay in love? Turns out that chemical reactions in our brains trigger feelings of connection and desire. After 50 years of researching love, close- ness and intimacy, psychologist Arthur Aron found that the …

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